what is white pepper ? How is it prepared ?

what is white pepper ? How is white pepper obtained ?

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White pepper is obtained by removing the outer skin, namely pericarp and outer portion of the mesocarp of the ripe or matured green berries or dried black pepper (Piper nigrum L.). The white pepper berries are light yellow greyish in colour; nearly globular in shape; around 5mm or less in diameter; smooth; striated with small protuberance at the base.
India is the 4th largest pepper producer in the world.Annual white pepper contribution in India is less than 250 metric tones against the world demand of more than 1,50,000 metric tones. Indonesia is the largest white pepper producing country, converts about 50 % of its pepper to white.

White pepper is value-added form of black pepper. It possess a mild flavour and pungency as compared to black pepper,which has a sharp,pungent aroma and flavour. Due to its mild flavour,pungency and ;light colour,there is a growing demand for white in the market worldwide

Different methods  used for white pepper preparation

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Retting method

The sample was kep in still water and allowed to soak in water for ten days. The water in the container was changed every alternate day. After ten days the water was drained out and the berries were rolled to remove the outer pericarp

Steaming/boiling and rolling
The pepper was boiled or steam cooked for 13 minutes and cooled and rolled in running water to remove the outer skin

Running water treatment
The despiked green pepper was filled in gunny bag and kept under running water for 24 hrs and later the outer skin was removed.Decorticated pepper from the above treatment was sun dried to a final moisture level of 12%.

White pepper is the most remunerative value-added form of green and black pepper, which is an elegant culinary agent. Current global demand for white pepper .exceeds one lakh metric tonnes per annum. Traditional retting is the main method followed for making white pepper from black pepper. White pepper is also produced by decortication (dismantling) of the outer skin of black pepper. A limited quantity of white pepper is also being managed through selective decortication of ripened fresh pepper berries. But all these traditional methods compromise on the quality of white pepper, less hygienic and cause environmental pollution.

White pepper health benefits – culinary uses – how to select or buy  good white pepper

It is an excellent source of manganese, iron and vitamin K, and a good source of dietary fibre.It stimulates the taste buds. Its consumption kill the ulcer-causing bacteria in stomach and intestines.  White pepper is commonly used for light coloured foods such as creamy based dishes like sauces,stews,soups and european dishes.  It is also used some instant noodles and snacks.

How to select good white pepper

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Avoid purchasing crushed pepper.While buying packaged ground white pepper or powder,check the expiry and feel for lumpiness, which is a sign of moisture inside the packet.Try  to purchase that which is organically grown

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Pepper health benefits black pepper – white pepper 

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