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Some skin care tips that you can follow during pregnancy

Here are some skin care tips that you can follow during pregnancy for skin as soft as you baby’s

Pregnant woman


Becoming a mother is one the best things that can happen to a woman,and the entire experience of giving birth is priceless. However,it also has the tendency to turn her world upside down. A pregnant woman undergoes a lot of changes,mentally,physically and emotionally. Of these changes, the physical changes seem to affect the mother the most as they are visible to everybody around her and tend to make her conscious

A pregnant woman always looks different she either has the never seen before’glow on her face, or looks totally tired and washed out. This is the time when women need to take special care of this skin and body.

A woman’s skin goes through a lot during expectancy and after


Eminent gynaecologist agrees that having a baby is certainly one of the most special and life changing experiences for a woman, but such a feat is not without consequences due to the huge strain that is put upon the body during pregnancy and childbirth. “Clearly,many women who’ve give birth want to look better and want to look more like they did before the baby. But,I doubt that’s got much to do with fitness. Pregnancy changes a lot of things,the biggest being a woman’s body.” A woman’s skin goes through a lot during expectancy and after. And with the right care,it is possible to keep it well-maintained even after pregnancy hormones and the process of giving birth has played havoc with the system

Getting skinny

milk vitamin d for better health for pregnant women


Sweet-potatoes for pregnanet women









Stay hydrated – To make sure that your skin remains healthy for longer, the first and the most important thing is to drink plenty of water. In order to flush out toxins from the body and keep the baby comfortable by maintaining sufficient amniotic fluid in the sac, a pregnant woman should consume ample amount of water. This would also help her in retaining the freshness in her skin and leave her looking your and lively through her pregnancy

Eat right

Pregnancy food for health

It us imperative that pregnant women and women who have just given birth eat what is right for them. This will also help to enhance their skin, and leave them feeling young and fresh. A good balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is a must in a pregnant and new mother’s diet. In addition, women should have a lot of fruits, vegetables and nuts in their diets


Stretch marks are considered a major worry for most women when they are expecting. It is important that when pregnant,women moisturise their skin regularly as this helps combat micro tears in the skin which are caused due to sudden and rapid stretching of the skin. Doctor said women can try to minimise stretch marks during pregnancy by regularly applying moisturisers and oils containing Vitamin E,calendula and rosemary. These ingredients help improve that skin’s elasticity and prevent stretch marks. They can also be applied post-pregnany on the abdomen and breasts to lessen the presence of stretch marks

Skin care

what to eat pregnant women for skin care

Most importantly,pregnant women should take care of their skin by maintaining a good skin care regimen. Clean your skin once or twice a day,but not any more than that as it may lead to dry skin. There is a possibility of facing acne breakouts in the first trimester. Visit a doctor before starting any medications to control them


pregnancy-diabetes women

It is the best option for a new mother, combined with sensible,healthy eating. Apart from helping you shift some unwanted kilos,which will boost your confidence and self, esteem,regular activity improves your general health and fitness,and releases endorphins, the feel-good hormones. However, what is more important is to do the right kind of exercise. Some light post pregnancy workouts include a gently walk,pilates and yoga


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