Sugar Substitutes for your toddler

Sweet sugar – How much refined sugar is enough for a  toddler?

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And the answer is Zero

Nutritionists and pediatricians recommend that parents know what is in the foods that they feed their children,but don’t get too caught up on any one line item on the label. Keeping sugar intake under control can be difficult because many ingredients listed on prepackaged foods may not be indicated as just sugar. Parents need to consider the balance between the need for nutrients and sugar content.  Just because your packaged food does not mention refined sugar,it doesn’t mean that there is no sugar,usually ending in ‘ose’ like ‘fructose’ or ‘maltose’.  Other common names of sugars include high fructose corn syrup,fruit juice concentrate,sucrose,glucose,dextrose,cane juice,malt,molasses,lactose,honey,ethyl maltol and maltodextrin.  Read nutrition labels as well as ingredients lists to uncover any hidden sugars

In order to keep sugar intake limited,one needs to increase the intake of complex carbohydrates and food such as:

  • Whole-grain cereals
  • Brown rice
  • Whole grain breads
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Low-fat dairy

Avoid foods containing high sugar such as desserts,white breads,ketchup,processed foods etc.,

Sugar Substitutes for your toddler

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  • Give a glass of 100 percent juice (you can even cut it with water) rather than soda or fruit drinks;the 100 percent juice contains sugar to please the sweet tooth,but also provides important vitamins and immunity-boosting antioxidants
  • Feed fruit rather than candy when your child really wants something sweet
  • Switch to high fiber snacks,feed your children more whole foods such as lean meats,fruits and vegetables
  • Offer sweet treats occasionally,but never use them as a reward
  • Yoghurts,fortified cereals,fortified drinks and chocolate milk…all have sugar added. Yet,it is not recommended to eliminate these just because of the sugar contents as they each provide a variety of necessary nutrients to children
  • Avoid succumbing to convenience foods, and cook more for your children. When you cook,you can take an active part in reducing the amount of sugar in a meal  If your child loves sugary breakfast cereal, pour out half the  box,and replace it with a lower-sugar,more nutritious cereal such as some type of bran flakes. Keep the mixture in the sugary cereal box;image is everything

If it is possible,then keep your toddler completely off added sugar. “However” ‘she reasons,”That is completely impractical since the child then tends to binge when the parent is not around, especially,in school and at parties. Hence,lay down some reasonable limits which are acceptable and help the child to understand the reasoning

It is natural for your little one to crave sugar. Nature plays a dominant,inextricable role in the sugar attraction, and it starts from birth. All babies are born with an innate preference for sweet. Breast milk,which is the first,perfect food for children, is sweet,containing a perfect balance of fat,proteins,vitamins,minerals,and sugar. The first solid foods that naturally attract babies,including fruits and grains,are sweet,filled with natural sugars. The less sweet first foods,mostly vegetables such as green beans and peas,aren’t as pleasing to baby’s palate. Thus,know that there’s no running away from the sweet tooth! Yet,it is possible to choose right. Sugar cravings can be satisfied with giving your child a small portion of dessert,making sure that the child does not go hungry

Ensure that you always feed the child a well balanced diet,experimenting with some natural sweet desserts which use dry fruits,jaggery,natural honey,fruits etc

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