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How To Manage Your Stress – 7 Helpful Tips – Stress Management

Stress Management

Though stress is unavoidable, the amount of stress you can handle depends upon the conditioning you have gone through, or the management skills you have learnt along the way, to manage it.

Stress is your body’s way to respond towards the demands put on it and a chemical reaction occurs in the body during stress. This can be good or bad, depending upon the situation. Thus, you need to understand the postitve and negative triggers of stress to be able to manage it effectively.

Develop Awareness – Stress Management

Being aware of your stress triggers is a fantastic way to start and nothing comes to close to the Yoga Nidra technique is building awareness. Yoga Nidra is guided relaxation meditation. It is deep relaxing state which one achieves through some verbal instructions that creates awareness of the inner world.

Take Action

It’s time to act and understand when to apply the positive triggers. When you come into a state of stress or a situation begins to stress you out, take a breath and move into the third peson awareness as guided in Yoga Nidra.

Exercise Daily

Create a routine for yourself, it could be simple stretches like lying on the same spot every day and doing Yoga Nidra. It is important to have a routine. Go for a walk, do push ups, squats, hovers.

Relax Your Muscles

Muscles bear the stress, so relax them by using the cilliation technique, go for a massage, or have a hot water bath with Himalayan bath salts.

Stress Management

Eat Well

Consume a moderate amount of food. Stress usually prompts one to overeat, which provides an initial high, but which also causing you to go through a low phase. Thus, binge eating, or having sugary foods will compound your stress.

Slow Down

Take a step back and stop. Shut your eyes, sit on a chair and focus your breath, think about the stress that is bothering you and use the third person awareness technique as in Yoga Nidra, to move yourself away from the stress.

Take a Vacation

For long term stress take a vacation for reducing stress levels. Not only does it take you away from the stress, but also allows you to look at it from third person perspective, where you can reassess your triggers and implement strategies to manage your stress.

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