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Turmeric (Curcumin) Golden Goddess-Spiritual Uses -The Religious Significance of Turmeric

Turmeric (Curcuma longa L) – The Golden Spice – Sacred Spice

turmeric magical powers of golden goddess

Turmeric (Curcuma longa L), the Golden Spice with enormous medicinal properties has been held sacred from time immemorial. In India and some far-eastern  Asian nations, turmeric forms apart of Hindu religions customs and practices. It is associated with the worship of Hindu deities such as ‘Kaali’ (Mother Goddess) and ,Naaga, (Serpent deity).

In Kerala, dried turmeric powder, rice powder and a few other plant derived powders are used as colouring materials in making and decorating the huge Kalams, of various deities connected with ‘Sakthi, worship (Mother Goddess) which is locally known as  Kalam ezhuthupattu,’ a folklore tradition existing even today.

Turmeric – Sandal Powder – Kalabha – A symbol of purity, fertility and prosperity

Turmeric - The spice with a magic wand




Turmeric, the auspicious spice implies a symbol of purity, fertility and prosperity among the Hindus. It is used in Indian rites and rituals. Turmeric powder along with sandal powder is used in preparing ‘Kalabha,’ to be poured on the presiding deities in temples.

Usage-of-Turmeric - significance in hindu custom

The dried turmeric roots in betel leaves are given to the women during the ceremonies as they are considered as fertile and bring good luck. Married Hindu women apply ‘Kumkum’ on their forehead longitudinally along the hair partition path to indicate the marital status or smear turmeric paste on either side of the cheek.

Turmeric paste is applied to the skin of the bride and groom before marriage in some parts of India,Bangladesh, and pakistan, where it is believed to make the skin glow and keep harmful bacteria away from the body. Turmeric is currently used in the formulation of several sunscreens. Several multinational companies are involved in making face creams based on furmeric.

This ginger family member ,is used as spice ,colour /dye and in the traditional medicines of its native India. Its beautiful and sacred yellow and orange colouring and healing powers, it also has cultural and religious significance in Hinduism,Buddhisms and and throughout southeast asian society

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