Walnut (Akhrot) -For Healthy Glowing Skin


Walnuts (Akhrot) for Healthy Skin

Walnut is the nut of the tree Juglans regia.This is a deciduous tree with a large wide-spreading canopy.The tree grows up to a height of about 2 meters.The bark of the tree is smooth and silver-grey in colour.The leaves of the tree are small oval shaped.The tree has two types of flowers male and female.In which only the female flowers produces the fruit.The female flowers appear on the terminal of the clusters.This is believed to be originating in the mountain ranges of Central Asian or southern Europe region.These are commercially cultivated in the countries including, United States of America, Romania, France, Turkey, and China.This tree takes about four years to give the first fully matured fruit.



The fruit is covered with a thick green outer cover.This is followed by a light-brown, hard-shell called walnut.Then the seed is enclosed in a kernel inner to the walnut.The Walnuts are commonly known as ‘Akhrot’ in Hindi ,‘Akrothandi‘ in Malayalam.The walnuts are enriched with nutrients,this includes proteins and fatty acids.This is the nutritious and edible seed which widely used in our daily food.The food includes chocolate,cookies,cakes etc.





There are two types walnuts which are mainly used.These are the Black Walnut and the Persian or English walnut (originated in India).Among this, the widely used one is

Persian or English walnut.This is because it produces more edible flesh than the others.The fruit is a rich source of Omega3 fatty acids and Omega6 fatty acids.The fatty acids help in cell growth in our body,blood clotting, improves immune function,maintains cholesterol level and also for many other diseases.




Here we discuss some of its uses in Skin Nourishing……..

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Walnut  (Akhrot) -Provides a Glowing Skin


Today’s many advertisements of cosmetic creams, bathing soaps and shampoos says that they include the extract of walnuts.This is because of its effective role in Skin nourishing and glowing.And it is also useful for healthy hair.This provides a healthy skin.Walnuts oil is a rich source of vitamins, proteins and minerals which are highly useful in various products of beauty treatment.

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Walnuts (Akhrot) available from www.NatureLoC.com


  • Prevents Skin Aging:- The nut contains vitamin-B.The combination of vitamin-E with Vitamin-B and the antioxidant property helps to reduce the ageing of your skin.


  • Provide Moisturisation for skin:- The warm walnuts oil can provide moisturisation .This nourishes your skin effectively.
  • For Dark Circles:- The application of warm oil can reduce the Dark circles.
  • Reduce Dryness :- The Walnut oil can prevent Dryness of your skin.This provides a soothing effect.
  • For Skin Therapies :- It is used in massaging therapies for skin.It is also used in many pharmaceuticals and cosmetic industries.
  • Skin infections :- The anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory property of the nuts can help to treat infections.This can be used for Athlete’s foot, Psoriasis, Candida and other skin problems.


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