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Why fish and shellfish are recommended as an important part of the diet?

Health benefits of consuming fish and shellfish

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“Consume fish, especially oily fish, at least twice a week”. Fish are nutritious and good to eat. Many doctors suggest that eating (8 oz) one-half pound of fish each week helps to prevent heart disease. When properly prepared, fish provide numerous health benefits.Fish is a good source of protein and, unlike fatty meat products, it is not high in saturated fat.Fish is also a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3 fatty acids benefit the heart of healthy people, and those at high risk of, or who have, cardiovascular disease. While some types of fish may contain high levels of mercury

Fish is a healthy alternative to red meat -fish and shellfish


Fish is low in saturated fat and is a healthy alternative to red meat. It provides the body with essential vitamins and minerals, including iron; zinc (from shellfish);vitamins A, B and D; and, of course, protein.   Recent studies suggest that eating 0.5 to 1 gram of fish oil daily reduces the risk of heart disease death in middle-aged men by a whopping 40 percent.Contrary to popular belief, not only saltwater fish offer these benefits. Oil from both freshwater and saltwater fish is the best food source of Omega-3 fatty acids.

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When properly prepared, fish provide numerous health benefits. The health associates recommends eating two to three fish meals each week. The benefits of eating fish include:

• Fish offer high-quality protein with fewer calories than a similar-sized portion of meat. For example, both catfish and ground beef are about 18 percent protein. But for an eight-ounce meal, catfish has 232 calories while the ground beef has 640 calories.

• Fish are low in sodium and are a good source of potassium, vitamins and other minerals.
• Fish are generally low in cholesterol and saturated fats which have been associated with heart disease.
• While the health benefits of fish are still being studied, much of the current research is focused on various kinds of beneficial fats in fish, particularly the kind called omega-3 fatty acids found in some fish and fish oils. Some studies have indicated that these fatty acids have favorable effects on health conditions such as hardening of the arteries and high cholesterol.

Why fish and shellfish are recommended as an important part of the diet?

  • Seafood as a high quality protein source
  • Seafood as a source of essential fatty acids
  • Seafood as a source of nutrients (vitamins and minerals)
  • Seafood consumption and improved health outcomes

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