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5 Good Reasons Why Oily Fish Should Be Included In Your Health Diet

Oily Fish Diet

Oily Fish Diet

Oily Fish are also known as fatty fish and is an amazing source of proteins. It is loaded with healthy fat: omega-3 fat. Unlike meat, oily fish does not contain high amounts of saturated fat, a type of fat which is dangerous for the heart and overall body. The consumption of fatty fish is linked is linked to a number of health benefits such as:


Oily Fish Diet

  1. Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease
  2. Improved cognition or mental ability
  3. Protection against cancer
  4. Reduced risk of heart disease and arthritis
  5. Improved lipid profile

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Oily Fish Diet: A study recommends that the consumption of two servings of oily fish per week. And each serving of fish equals to 100 grams of cooked fish.

Below given is a list of the oily fishes with a high amount of omega-3 fats.

  1. Salmon
  2. Mackerel
  3. Herring
  4. Tuna
  5. Sardines
  6. Trout

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Oily Fish Diet: Benefits Of Eating Oily Fish

Diabetes Management

Individuals with diabetes mellitus are at a greater risk of vision loss (diabetic retinopathy) because high blood glucose levels for a long period of time can affect the blood vessels that supply blood to the retina. Research has found that older individuals with diabetes mellitus who consumed two servings of oily fish per week, were at a lower risk of vision loss as compared to those who eat less oily fish. Omega 3 fat present fish reduce inflammation and oxidative stress the two main causes of diabetic complications. Thus, eating fish twice a week can be beneficial for diabetics.

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Improves Cardiovascular Health

Oily fish consumption is associated with lower risk of heart disease and such as effect is possible due to the following mechanisms:

  • Eating fish rich in omega 3 helps in  lowering triglycerides by 25-30 per cent which is otherwise a major risk factor for heart disease
  • Omega 3 fat present in fish inhibits the formation of clots and ensures smooth blood flow all through the body
  • EPA and DHA are omega 3 fats that reduce resting heart rate. A lower resting heart rate indicates an efficient heart function and less stress on the heart. It also improvises irregular beating of the heart, whether too slow or too fast
  • Intake of fatty fish flushes out free redicals (harmful substances) and thus lowers oxidative stress

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Lowers Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Oily fish is popularly known as ‘brain food’ because omega 3 fat DHA is essential for proper growth, development and functioning of the brain. DHA is concentrated in different parts of the brain. As you age, the levels of DHA in the brain may drop and this increases the rise of Alzheimer’s disease in older people. Oily fish contains DHA which is extremely important for the brain. Therefore, eating oily fish improve the health of brain cells and nerves and increase blood flow towards the brain. Studies have found that individuals who consume one or more than one serving of fish per week were at 60 per cent lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease than individuals who consume less or no fish.

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Prevents Stroke

High levels of triglycerides increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Omega 3 fat present in fish reduces the production of triglycerides in the body and increases its clearance. It also converts free fatty acids as a source of energy and reduces its deposition as triglycerides in the body. Eating oily fish also reduce the production of VLDL (very low density lipoprotein)which is the transporter of triglycerides to different parts of the body.

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Reduces High Blood Pressure

Studies have found that fish rich in omega 3 fat helps in reducing both systolic and diastolic blood  pressure. It improves functioning of the blood vessels and ensures smooth blood flow all throughout the body. Therefore, individuals with high blood pressure must consume at least 2 servings of fish per week in order to maintain their blood pressure within normal range.

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