The best thing you can do for a good smile is ….

Get the most out of your daily brushing routine

Proper brushing is essential for cleaning teeth and gums effectively. Use a toothbrush with.soft, nylon, round-ended bristles that will not scratch and irritate teeth or damage gums. Gum disease and tooth decay remain big problems,not just for older people bu even pre-teens and youngsters.  “Three-fourths of teenagers have gums that bleed.  So taking care to brush properly is important.Some points you need to remember….

Clean all faces of your teeth

Brush teeth at aleast twice a day.  Take time at least three minutes to thoroughly do the brushing.  Focus on cleaning every tooth surface with your toothbrush.  Clean the outer surfaces of your upper teeth,then your lower teeth.  Clean the chewing surfaces also.

Clean the toothbrush too

Clean your toothbrush thoroughly after you are done brushing.  You can also use a small amount of hand soap on the bristles for more rigorous cleaning

Massage you Gum and Floss daily – floss  usually at bedtime

floss daily and massage your gums

The best thing you can do for a good smile is to keep your teeth and gums healthy by brushing and flossing regularly,massaging your gums and using a mouthwash.  A toothbrush alone can’t do everything to maintain your oral health and your teeth-that’s because a toothbrush can’t get between your teeth,only dental floss can,so flossing is a must.Rinsing after meals,beverages and smokes.  Will ensure that you get a less stains.

Avoid damaging gums

When you brush along your gumline angle your toothbrush slightly toward your teeth.  on’t brush too roughly use a gentle motion so you don’t damage your gums

Tongue in brushing


Brush your tongue to scrape off bacteria that can cause bad breath

Fluoride in toothpaste

Use enough,but not too much,fluoride.  The single biggest advance in oral health has been fluoride,which strengthens  enamel,making it less likely to decay.  Many toothpastes and mouth rinses also contain fluoride.  Fluoride should be used sparingly by the young

Clean whenever you eat

tooth brush -brushing you teeth

Always follow these steps 1 -eat and 2 clean  or your in  treatment or are wearing braces,it is important to brush after every meal.  Food  bits get caught between braces and teeth,and these interact with bacteria in your mouth to cause decay

Food that help teeth –  food that have high water content,dilutes the effects of the sugars they contain and stimulate the flow of saliva which helps protect against decay by washing away food particles and buffering acid-soem of the best food choices are white meats or chicken,nuts,milk,fruits like apples,pears,oranges,vegetables like lemons,tomatoes


You should also make sure to

  • Clean between teeth daily with floss
  • Replace your toothbrush every three to four months
  • Choosing  the right tooth  brush
  • Eat a balanced diet – food that help teeth –
  • Visit your dentists regularly for oral exams and oral cleaning