Body spray – Do you really need it?

Sweating – Natural mechanism  of the body to maintain a stable body temperature

bodySpray-do you really need


Sweating is a natural mechanism of the body to maintain a stable body temperature.  When you are exposed to a hot environment your body gets heated and to decrease the temperature back to normal the body emits the excess temperature by the process of excretion and evaporation of a salted fluid from the sweat glands called sweat

Excess sweating can occur as a normal variant or when we are emotionally charged or as a disease process called hyperhidrosis or in various disease states.  Sweating occurs in everyone but the odor of the sweat varies and is malodorous only in a few.  This odor is due to the presence of bacteria which proliferate in areas like armpits,intertriginous areas where sweating is more.

Antiperspirant sprays,Rollen etc.., -The truth behind these ads

perfume ads

Antiperspirant sprays,Rollen etc are being marketed as cosmetics to do away with the body odor.  The ads show them to be used to attract the opposite sex an keep you fresh throughout the day.  The advertisement of these cosmetics keep on reminding us that if we need to be confident throughout the day we should be using them.  We will examine the truth behind these ads

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Antiperspirant have aluminum salts as their min component.  When we use body sprays,these get dissolved as a thin film above the skin and prevents the sweat from reaching the surface of the skin.  so the skin will remain dry.  Deodorants used along with antiperspirants have antibacterial properties and prevent the growth of malodorous bacteria.  The perfumes used along with this give them a attractive smell.  To help them evaporate faster they are usually prepared in an alcohol base.  These cosmetics should not be considered absolutely safe.  Many people develop allergy and asthma because of the use of these sprays.These sprays used to contain a chemical called parabon which has been found in higher quantities in women with breast cancer.  When applied after shaving these harmful chemicals can reach the blood faster.  These may also contain small amounts of chemicals which can alter the hormonal balance.  Thus even though useful to prevent malodorous sweat should all of us use it regularly is a thought worth considering