Cloves An Inexpensive remedy for dreadful tooth pain

Cloves An Inexpensive remedy for dreadful tooth pain


Cloves An Inexpensive remedy for dreadful tooth pain

Tooth pain (Tooth Ache) can be stressful for adults and children. Generally ,the causes of tooth pain/tooth ache is that decaying of tooth,fracture of tooth,gum disease, jaw joint disorder etc,.Tooth pain is really hard on your children,it means sleepless nights to whole family. Oral care,following good oral hygiene practices can prevent sharp tooth pain.

Home remedies to cure tooth pain using cloves (Grampoo)

You can treat this terrible tooth pain at home.  Cloves (Grampoo) an incredible,inexpensive remedy for alleviating tooth pain at home .  Here some ways you can get tooth ache (toothpain)very easily and quickly.

If you have painful tooth problems, place one or 2 cloves inside the teeth, you would be getting good relief form tooth ache.

How cloves/grampoo easing tooth pain

Cloves is available in three forms a) Ground cloves b) Cloves oil c) cloves powder.  All these forms of cloves are most effective natural remedies for severe tooth pain.Cloves antiseptic properties  kills the germs present in the gums.Cloves antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties provide physical relief and fights infection

Using whole cloves ,cloves oil and cloves powder – how to get rid of tooth ache fast

At the initial stage of tooth ache, chew 2 to 3  cloves for a few minutes to alleviate the pain

Grind cloves and mix it with any vegetable oil apply on the affected part of the tooth

Place 2/3 cloves in your mouth and moisten it with saliva until it softens

Mix an equal amount of pepper,cloves and salt make a paste and apply this paste directly on the affected tooth, wait for a few minutes you would be getting good relief form tooth ache. Do this several days


Clove Oil – An Ideal method for treating tooth ache

Clove Oil used for tooth pain


Mix a few drops of clove oil with water and use it as a mouth rinse

Soak a cotton ball in the mixture of clove and olive oil and place this cotton ball against the sore tooth

Clove oil  mix with water and simmer it for 20 minutes,use this infusion in several times in a day will reduce tooth ache

Clove Powder – Toothpain relief


A pinch of clove powder mix with water, make a paste and apply to the affected area of the teeth. It will reduce the pain

A glass of warm salt water mix with clove powder,use it to rinse your mouth thoroughly help to alleviate tooth pain.