Corn puttu – steamed corn flour cake recipes

Corn puttu –  steamed corn flour cake recipes

corn puttu cooking recipes with kadala curry

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Puttu or Steamed flour cake can be prepared using rice flour, wheat flour, ragi,corn flour  (horse gram), oats or couscous. Among these, Ari puttu or Steamed rice flour cake is the most extensively prepared Puttu recipe.The soft and fluffy nature of puttu depends on the moisture of the flour. The use of freshly grated coconut adds up the taste. Puttu is usually cooked in a Puttu kutti or a steamer in cylindrical or dome shape. The lower section of the vessel contains the water and the upper cylindrical portion holds the moisturized flour inserted with the layers of grated coconut. Have a look at the ingredients used and the method of preparation of corn puttu

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  • Coarsely ground yellow corn meal/makki atta – 1 cup
  • Grated coconut – 1/2 cup
  • Salt to taste

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  • Dry roast corn meal in a frying pan for a minute on low flame
  • Transfer it into  a large bowl and allow to cool
  • Add the water little by little and add salt to it
  • The flour consistency should be good enough to hold it like a ball
  • In a puttu maker add the grated coconut.  Then add the flour and coconut.
  • Steam it in high flame for 5 minutes and later simmer for 5 minutes
  • ‘Serve hot with kadala curry,papadam or banana

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Putt cooking recipes

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