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Diabetes – Choose fats wisely – Be smart about sweets

Diabetes – Choose fats wisely

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People with diabetes are at higher risk for heart disease; so it is even more important to be smart about fats.  It is recommended that 20-25% of total calorie can be derived from fat

Ghee,butter,vanaspati contains a high proportion of saturated fats which are likely to increase serum cholesterol levels.  It is better to use the combination of vegetable oil and coconut oil.  Instead of frying,choose to grill,broil,bake or stir fry.  It is better to use fish in a curry form instead of frying.  The food rich in omega 3,6 fatty acids can increase good cholesterol level (HDL).  So the intake  of small fishes,soybean,walnuts,flax seeds,green leafy vegetables can be encouraged

Be smart about sweets

Eating a diabetic friendly diet doesn’t mean eliminating sugar altogether,if you have diabetes,you can still enjoy a small serving of your favorite dessert in moderation,but one should be aware of his blood sugar level and its irregularities.

It is best to cut back on the other carbs and fat containing foods at the meal if you start with sweets

Eat sweets with a meal,rather than as a standalone snack.

When you eat dessert,truly enjoy each it so you’re less likely to overeat

Spot out added sugar on food labels

While purchasing it is important to find out whether any added sugar is included  in the ingredients list even though the pack is marked as sugar free.

Eat regularly

Diabetic should take 5-6 times small and frequent meals.  The mid meals can be nourished with healthy food items.

Eat regularly will help you keep your portions in check and to keep your blood sugar levels under control

Don’t skip breakfast Start your day off with a good breakfast. Eating breakfast everyday will provide energy as well as steady blood sugar.

Keep caloric intake the same:Try to eat roughly the same amount of calories everyday,rather than overeating one day and skipping the mal on the next day

Drink lot of water

drinking-glass-of-water- moon diet

One must drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water per day.  It is effective in diabetes,cholesterol and urinary infections

Get the help of a dietician to plan a diet pattern.  Diabetes should be prevented through a healthy diet pattern not the food