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Types of Coffee Beans : Robusta Coffee Beans vs Arabica Coffee Beans ?

Types of Coffee Beans

Do you know about the different types of Coffee Beans ? If not, go through our blog on the varities of coffee beans, its taste, the growing environmental conditions and finally which is the better one!

Let’s take some time and educate yourself on coffee beans and brew a fresh cup of coffee.

Robusta & Arabica are two different species of coffee beans grown commercially.

Given below are few differences in the taste, growing environment and the quality.

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Robusta Coffee Beans


Robusta has a neutral to harsh taste range and is often likened to having an “oatmeal-like” taste. When unroasted, the smell of Robusta beans is described as raw-peanutty.

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Growing Environments

Robusta coffee beans come from a resilient plant that is able to be grown in low altitudes of 200-800 meters. Robusta beans aren’t very susceptible to damage done by pests. Additionally, they produce more finished product per acre and require fairly low production costs.

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Arabica Coffee Beans


Arabicas, on the other hand, have a very wide taste range (depending on its variety). The range differs from sweet-soft to sharp-tangy. When unroasted, Arabica beans smell like blueberries. Their roasted smell is described as perfumey with notes of fruit and sugar tones.

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Growing Environments

Arabica coffee beans are fragile and must grow in cool, subtropical climates.  Arabica beans also need a lot of moisture, rich soil, shade and sun. Because of their fragility, Arabica beans are vulnerable to attack from various pests and can be damaged by cold temperatures or poor handling. This type of bean also needs to be grown at a higher elevation (600-2000 meters).

Types of Coffee Beans

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Which Coffee Bean is better?

If you had to choose between an Arabica bean and a Robusta bean, it’s important to always choose Arabica.

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Robusta fosters use mono-cropping, the practice of growing the same plant every year in one place. It yields more space since it involves clear-cutting the forest for the crop. Because Robusta is more a resilient plant than the delicate Arabica, it can be grown in more places.

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Large coffee companies buy huge amounts of rainforest, clear-cut the land and plant Robusta beans. Robusta is often mixed with Arabica, allowing the coffee companies to save a money and serve you a bad cup of coffee. Not to mention, mono-cropping, when done excessively, also erodes soil and demolishes nutrients making the soil nearly unusable.

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