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Palm Leaf : Nature’s Gift – Why Use Disposable Palm Leaf Plates ?

Palm Leaf

Disposable palm plates are made from the fallen Palm Leaf and they are biodegradable and also 100% natural. Hence, it is considered as the best and apt alternative for the plastic and other tableware. The uniqueness of these are, each plate is as unique as our fingerprints. Because of its sturdy nature, these  can hold any kind of food with much elegance. Without exposing to any chemicals or glues, they are made in love with nature. These disposable palm plates are “Nature’s Gift” and better replacement of Anti-Environment plastics or polymers.

As these plates are made from fallen leaves, it can be a better solution to protect the nature from the plastic pollution. And also will be an alternate solution for the plastic plates. As these are made from 100% of natural material, they can be easily degradable without leaving any pollutant to the environment.

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How Ecologically Friendly Are They?

Not only are they completely biodegradable, but no trees are harmed in any way during their construction.  The trees simply shed the leaves when they’re done with them. They’re collected off the ground to be recycled into these beautiful plates.

Why not try out some palm plates at your next big event.  Your guests will be amazed by their aesthetic qualities and your environmental savvy. You won’t have to clean up messes caused by floppy paper plates, and there still won’t be any dishes to do at the end of the party!

Because disposable palm plates can be round, square, hexagonal, and other shapes. They are a great choice for all kinds of events, including parties, weddings, celebrations, barbecues, and long-awaited family reunions.

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  1. Disposable palm leaf plates come from a renewable source.
  2. The making of disposable palm leaf plates doesn’t aggravate deforestation, nor does it pollute or affect the environment in any other negative way.
  3. Because they are 100% natural, not containing any glue or glazing, disposable palm leaf plates are 100% biodegradable.
  4. Disposable palm leaf plates have a unique look, with a beautiful texture and soft colors that catch the eye and that add elegance to any party or wedding table.
  5. Compared to other types of disposable plates, palm leaf plates are relatively affordable.
    Unless you’ve used them for serving meat, disposable palm leaf plates can be washed and reused.
  6. Disposable palm leaf plates don’t warp nor can they be easily pierced like plastic plates, making them a stronger, safer, more practical choice for meals that involve many courses.
  7. Once you’re done with your disposable palm leaf plates, you can toss them into your home compost pile.

Palm Leaf

Environmentally friendly, elegant, and affordable, disposable palm leaf plates are the best solution for your events. By using them, you not only save the planet, but also add elegance to your table, making your event even more special and memorable. If you want to protect the environment, disposable palm leaf plates are your best choice.

“Imagine if trees would had given us WIFI signals, we would be planting so many trees and we’d probably save the planet too. Too bad they only produce the oxygen we breathe.”

Let’s all together SAVE OUR PLANET !

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