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Dry Fruits Nuts – Do you know what is the best time to eat dry fruits daily ?

Dry Fruits Nuts – Healthy Nuts & dry fruits

Dry Fruits Nuts   includes a variety of things such as pistachios,almonds, cashews, raisins, walnut,fig,kiwi etc.  They were considered unhealthy due to their high fat content.However, this perception has changed over the past decade. Nuts are now often recommended because they have a healthy fatty acid profile and are high in protein, vitamins, minerals.

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Dry Fruits Nuts – What is the best time to eat dry fruits?

There are types of nuts and dry fruits such as fig,almonds, kiwi,cashew nuts, walnuts, peanuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, etc and the list of dry fruits goes on.  What are the benefits of dry fruits ?

  • Dry fruits help to control weight.
  • It is extremely beneficial for people with obesity.
    prevent diseases.
  • Useful for controlling cholesterol, diabetes, anemia, heart diseases and many more.

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What are the different ways to eat dry fruits?

Whenever you are hungry you can take dryfruits.Avoid eating after food because they are not medicines probably you will not enjoy the taste of it. Eat while you are hungry it will reduce your hunger and act as best food for carving.

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There are many ways to eat dry fruits

  • five almonds every morning which were soaked in water overnight. Help us to make our memory strong.
  • Consume in raw form directly in the form of snacks between foods.
  • Dry fruits contains essential fats and good source of omega fats.
  • Dry fruits should be avoided at late night and should be consumed in moderate quantity.
  • Walnuts are supposed to be good before bed
  • Morning is one of the best time to eat dry fruits like almonds and walnuts.

As a snack be it before lunch or in the evening. They will provide energy and strength to continue with your routine and at the same time fill your stomach for a short-period.

Dry fruits are not just delicacies but are powerhouses of nutrition

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