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False myth among diabetic patients – That fasting is diabetic diet …..

Eat healthy -Choose wisely

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Diet pattern is equally important for diabetic with medicines.  Diet pattern not completely changing from normal diet habits.  It includes slight modification like increasing intake of vegetables and avoid taking carbohydrate rich food.  A healthy diet helps Beta cells of pancreas to function well and maintain blood glucose level.  The nutrient needs of the diabetic patients are more over same as normal patients.  As diabetic diet should include a balanced nutrient diet without sugar content.

One diabetic sufferer 31 years old lady came for diet counselling.  She was worried about the diet and food pattern. I Am a diabetic patient since 3 years.  From that day I reduced my food intake.  Food diet was one dosa for breakfast,rice vegetables in lunch for dinner one fruit.  I used to do exercises and strictly follow the diet pattern.  I started walking for 45 minutes a day after I realize that I have diabetes.  I stopped doing exercises because of the progressive health problems.  But I can’t control my blood sugar level since I Am in a strict diet. From her side it is true ,but the question whether it is the right way to control blood sugar?

False myth among diabetic patients

eat healthy in diabetes patients diet

It is false myth among diabetic patients that fasting is diabetic diet.  Varieties in healthy food pattern can be enjoyable in diabetic diet.  It can also be followed by the people who have no such lifestyle diseases.  There is better way for obese,diabetic,and those who have unhealthy eating pattern to get healthier

You can take good care of yourself and your diabetes by learning

  • What to eat’
  • How much to eat
  • When to eat

Making wise food choices can help you to control the blood glucose also called blood sugar in your target range

Diabetes and diet pattern

Diabetic diet is not so different from normal diet.  The need of nutrients is same for both the groups.  In Indian cuisine the foods are composed of high energy and low fats.  Some what 60-65% energy and 15-25% fat is attained by this and the rest are found mainly in foods that contains fat.  So the Indian cuisine is benfitbale for the diabetic patients.  But the need of nutrients is related to the patient’s age,gender,height,weight body capacity etc.  A dietitian can help you to suggest a healthy eating pattern according to your lifestyle


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