Fenugreek Seeds-Fenugreek /Kasuri Methi Leaves bitter marvels

Fenugreek – (Trigonella foenum-gracum) -Promising Medicinal Herbs



Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-gracum) is one of the most promising medicinal herbs, known from ancient times, having nutritional value too. Its green leaves and seeds are used for multipurpose. Fenugreek is one of the well known spices in human food. Its seeds and green leaves are used in food as well as in medicinal application which is an old practice of human history. It provides natural food fibre and other nutrients required in human body .  Ancient Egyptians used it as an embalming agent.  Its origin is traced to South Eastern Europe and West Asia.  India is a big producer,followed by Mediterranean and West Asian countries.  It is the seed of fast growing annual leguminious herb

Fenugreek plant an overview (Kasuri Methi – Uluva) 

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Fenugreek is cultivated all over the world as a semi-arid crop. It has got different names as per the locality. Fenugreek has trifoliate leaves,white to yellow flowers,an 3 to 15 cm long thin pointed hoop=like beaked pods. Every pod contains 10-20 oblong greenish-brown seeds with unique hooplike groves Pods, number of seeds in a pod, seed shape-size and plant height varies from one fenugreek variety to another

What is the secrets of Fenugreek seeds in cooking? How this herb helps in your health,best benefits, medicinal values? 

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 Fenugreek (uluva) has strong spicy and seasoning type sweet flavor-Aromatic and flavourful 

Fenugreek has strong spicy and seasoning type sweet flavor . Aromatic and flavourful  fenugreek is a popular spice and is widely used for well recognized culinary and medicinal properties  “Kasuri Methi” is very famous for its appetizing fragrance and it is used for culinary preparations . In  recent rend, fenugreek is also used as spice adjunct . India is a major producer of fenugreek and also a major consumer of it for its culinary uses and medicinal application. It is used in functional food, traditional food, nutraceuticals as well as in physiological utilization such as  antibacterial, anticancer, antiulcer, anthelmintic, hypocholesterolemic, hypoglycemic, antioxidant, and antidiabetic agent. It has beneficial influence on digestion and also has the ability to modify food texture.

Medicinal uses of fenugreek -A  promising protective medicinal herb

Anticarcinogenic activities and complementary cancer therapy in cancer patients under chemotherapeutic interventions because fenugreek extract shows a protective effect by modifying the cyclophosphamide induced apoptosis and free radical-mediated lipid peroxidation.It improves peripheral glucose utilization,contributing to improvement in glucose tolerance and exerts its hypoglycemic effect by acting at the insulin receptor level as well as at the gastrointestinal level

Remedy to aid milk production in breastfeeding women :

India’s traditional Ayurveda doctors prescribe fenugreek to nursing mothers.  taking powdered/ fenugreek seeds daily increases increases milk production in lactating women

Good for hair growth Fenugreek’s high amounts of proteins amplify the herbs curative properties for baldness. Its soruce of vitamin helps to boost immunity. Lectin nourishes and strengthens hair follicles and treats sensitive scalp conditions

Hair Loss : Take one teaspoon fenugreek powder mix it with coconut oil or olive oil apply this paste on you hair let it dry for 10 minutes,then washed it off it with mild shampoo

Fenugreek for hair growth : Soak 4 tsp of fenugreek seeds overnight make a paste mix it with one tsp apply to your scalp  let it dry for 1/2 hour ,then washed it off it with mild shampoo

Fenugreek in cooking- culinary uses

Fenugreek /Methi seeds,Fenugreek /Methi Leaves,Dried leaves in cooking
Fenugreek seeds is very nice ingredient used in fish curries in south India. It’s also used in sambar, which is an important vegetable lentil stew, eaten in south India. They are also commonly added in pickles, in garnish, salads, soups, pasta and stir fries. The seeds are commonly used in roasted or sprouted form. Sprouted fenugreek seeds are also used in salads and sandwiches but they shouldn’t be cooked

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