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Gooseberry (Amala-Nellikka) Recipes – Honey gooseberry-gooseberry pickle

Bitter sweet goodness – Gooseberry Recipes

Gooseberry (Amala-Nellikka) Recipes – Honey gooseberry-gooseberry pickle

Gooseberry - A Natural Health Rejuvenator

Indian gooseberries better known as Amla (Nellika),are fames Ayurvedic ingredient.  They taste tart and pungent yielding to sweetness in the end.  Gooseberries  are available throughout the year.Local gooseberries are small while the Punalur gooseberry is bigger.  These are uniformly light green and can be uses as is.  The gooseberry skin and pulp contain higher antioxidant activity than other berries such as blue berries and craberries, a team of researchers has discovered.

Gooseberries can be placed in 2 changes of turmeric and salt infused water.Orthey can be placed in 2-3 bowls of water and cleaned.  Place in coriander to drain the water and dab dry with a kitchen cloth

Gooseberry- Honey gooseberry (Then Nellikka) recipe

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Indian Gooseberry



  • Wash,clean and dry the gooseberries.
  • Pierce all over without splitting them into pieces
  • Pass the honey through a clean thin cloth.  Drop the holed gooseberries into the honey
  • Preserve in dry airtight ceramic or glass jars/containers for 5-6 months.  Shake the jar every week to shake and stir the contents so all the gooseberries are evenly coated.
  • After 5 or 6 months,honey gooseberries are ready

gooseberry - amla honey -then nellikka

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Gooseberry pickle – sweet -pungent -healthy pickle


Wash and soak gooseberries for pickle in hot water for 10  minutes before adding it to hot oil  to reduce and cook which takes half-an-hour to three-fourths of an hour.  In a wok,heat refined oil and  little gingelly oil.  Crackle mustard seeds,add broken red chillies and curry leaves.  Add the gooseberries and cook until the gooseberries have wilted.  Add turmeric powder,red chilli powder.salt along with asafoetida and little fenugreek.  When roasted well, add some vinegar and little jaggery syrup.  Stir well.  When cool,store in sterilised airtight bottles.  Preserve for a month before using

gooseberry - amla pickle neillika achar

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