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If you’re trying to slim down, you might want to start adding….

Love to include chillies in your diet,another healthy reason to do so

how to reduce weight eating chillies



Put the diet inside,scientist may have anew solution for your weight in the way of a chilli pepper.  They found that a high-fat diet may impair important receptors located in the stomach that signal fullness.  This was done in an investigation on the association between hot chilli pepper receptors (TRPVI) in the stomach and the feeling of fullness.  The stomach stretches  when it is full,which activates nerves in the stomach to tell the body that it has had enough food.  We found that his activation is regulated through hot chilli pepper or TRPVI receptors

Hot chilli pepper,new cure for obesity

chillies varities weight loss techiques





According to new study,consumption of hot chillies can prevent overeating via an action on nerves in the stomach,thus curbing obesity in chilli lovers.  From the previous studies that capsaicin found in hot chillies reduces food intake in humans. The heat in chillies comes from a substances called capsaicin.  When eaten, the brain thinks the body is being attacked: as protection,the heart rate arises,perspiration increases and endorphins are released.  These natural painkillers are associated with pleasure,so it could  be true that eating chillies can be addictive! – regular consumption observed to reduce abdominal fat.  In addition to their rich contents of vitamin C ,beta-carotene and capsinoids,which are believed to play a favourable role in weight management

Want to stay in shape eat chillies every day

Chilli-varities to reduce weight -obesity



Green chilli is a thermogenic agent. It increases the process of heat production. Oxygen consumption is also enhanced after eating green chilli. Obesity causes metabolic deregulation,hyperglycemia,hyperlipidemia,insulin resistance diabetes,and fatty liver disease. In obese people,diet containing green chilli significantly  lowers the amount of insulin required to reduce blood sugar levels. Furthemore,it reduces LDL cholesterol levels and thus,helps in reducing weight



Note : Skipping/dieting  meals never helps a person to lose weight. Instead, one should eat food items in your daily diet,that help lose weight and increase metabolism.

Chillies as food,spice and medicine – whole lot of fragrance and flavour to Indian cuisine

Kinds of pepper (Spices) – Long-Green-White-Black-Bell-Cayenne-Krona Peppers Pepper’s hot taste hot feel and its thermionic effect

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