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Inexpensive – traditional home made health mix powder – cerelac for your babies


Traditional Home made health mix powder  for your babies young child (sathu mavu mix)

sathu mavu powder home made cerelac

Optimal infant and young child feeding practices – especially early initiation and exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life – help ensure young children the best possible start to life.  Breast feeding is nature’s way of nurturing the child, creating a strong bond between the mother and the child.  Modern science and technology has not been able to produce a better food for young infants than mother’s milk. And the next io complementary feeding.  This is extremely essential from six months of age, while continuing breastfeeding, to meet the growing needs of the growing baby.  Infants grow at a very rapid rate.  The rate of growth at this stage in incomprable to that in later period of life.  Active feeding styles for complementary feeding are also important.

How to prepare home made health powder (sathu mavu mix) for babies ? What are the ingredients needed?

The staple cereal of the family should be used to make first food for an infant.  Porridge can be made with rice, wheat, atta ,arrow root (koova podi) ragi etc. Instant infant food mixes can be made at home from food grains available in the household.  These sattu mavu mix can be stored at least for a month and enable frequent feeding infants. Let’s have a look at the ingredients and the method of preparation of home made cereal  (sathu mavu mix)


Clean all the ingredients.  Dry roast all these organic homemade health mix ingredients (except cardamom) separately until you get good aroma of these ingredients.  Spread all these on a plate to cool.  Then grind them in mixer and sieve it. Store it a air tight boxes/containers

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How to prepare porridge using this health mix – Mix 1 to 2 tsp health mix powder with enough water or milk without any lumps.  cook on low flame stirring continuously until it starts thickening.Then add jaggery or palm sugar. Porridge is ready

Babies health powder recipes home made health powder

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