Information on COVID-19 for pregnant women

Are pregnant women at higher risk from COVID-19?

Pregnant women are not more at risk of catching COVID-19 or suffering from more severe disease than other adults of similar age.

Research is currently underway to understand the impacts of COVID 19 infection in pregnant women. Data are limited, but at present there is no evidence that they are at higher risk of severe illness than the general population.

However, due to changes in their bodies and immune systems, we know that pregnant women can be badly affected by some respiratory infections. It is therefore important that they take precautions to protect themselves against COVID-19, and report possible symptoms (including fever, cough or difficulty breathing) to their health care provider.

WHO will continue to review and update its information and advice as more evidence becomes available.

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Can the virus be transmitted to the baby?

There is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted to the unborn child during pregnancy, or during childbirth. Babies and young children are known to only experience mild forms of COVID-19.

What to do if are a pregnant women? Prepare

  • Educate yourself on COVID-19 from trusted sources.
  • Keep physically active to ensure good physical condition.
  • Discuss your concerns about COVID-19 with your antenatal care provider.
  • Call your antenatal care provider to ask for specifically indications on how to proceed with antenatal appointments and your delivery plan, including in case you become ill with COVID-19.
  • Have over-the-counter medicines and medical supplies (e.g. Tissues, thermometer) to treat fever.
  • If taking any prescription medicines, refill them, or consider using a mail order for your medications.
  • Have enough groceries and household items,approximately 2-4 weeks. Prepare gradually and avoid panic buying.
  • Activate your social network. Contact family, friends, neighbors or community health care workers advance and make joint plans on what to do when COVID-19 is spreading in your community, or if you become ill.
  • Follow instructions from national authorities on how to prepare for emergencies.
  • Continue to practice general hygiene.

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