Insulin – Where to inject? Tips for injecting insulin

Insulin – confusion and misconcepts

insulin where to inject

Lot of confusion and misconcepts  prevail regarding the site of insulin injection.  People have mistakenly used parts like palm,calves,and other exotic sites to take insulin injection.  Wrong sites and methods of insulin injection lead to formation of lumps and bumps leading to highly brittle sugars.

Insulin – Where to inject?

Insulin needs to be injected into the fat beneath the skin.  This is possible where approximately half an inch of fat is available beneath the skin.  The ideal sites are the outer thighs,buttocks,abdomen excluding the area immediately around the navel and the outer arm below the shoulder

 Tips for injecting insulin

insulin_injection abdomen

Abdomen area

The best site among these is the abdomen since insulin gets into the blood faster from the abdomen.  since we Indian have tend to bigger belly,it is easy to inject in the abdomen.  Site rotation should be strictly followed.

No two injections should be given in the same site,night time injections can be taken in the thigh and daytime injections in the abdomen.

Buttocks are useful particularly in  very young kids.

Very lean people and those with thin skin can use thin needles.

To inject in the arm you will need the help of other people.

Doctors should check insulin injection sites of their patients in all visits

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