Is Glucometer reliable?

What is Glucometer?

Glucometer is small and simple electronic device which gives the blood glucose value from a drop of blood within seconds

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Glucometer advantages

  • Convenience
  • Fast result
  • Reduce hospital stay
  • Less pain and less blood loss
  • Prevent infectious disease spread from syringe and needle
  • Increased confidence

Glucometer blood sugar value and lab blood sugar value ….

Many patients have asked shy glucometer sugar values in 10-15% lower than the corresponding lab value,though the venous blood actually has low blood sugar level then capillary blood.  In the serum or plasma separated from whole blood by removing red blood cells.  Buy glucometer tests the capillary whole blood drop which contains 30-40%  red blood cells, RBCs contain very low amount of glucose that is why blood sugar level is low in glucometers who the calculated corresponding venous plasma equivalent sugar value