Jackfruit Leaves Basket Weaving Explained Step By Step

Jackfruit Leaves Basket Weaving

Jackfruit Leaves Basket are weaved to steam idli’s in them. These jackfruit leaves baskets are then filled with idli batter and are steamed. Idlis are steamed in jackfruit leaves for special occasion, festivals in Konkani homes. These idlis made in jackfruit leaves are called khotto, hittu in Konkani and khotte, kadubu in Kannada. Jackfruit Leaves Basket Weaving

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Khotte are a very popular breakfast in Udupi, Mangalore, Kundapur regions of Karnataka. These idlis have a nice smell and taste from the jackfruit leaves and it also saves you time and effort involved in cleaning the idli moulds.

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Ingredients – Jackfruit Leaves Basket Weaving

  • 20 Jackfruit Leaves – 5 jackfruit leaves basket can be made, each basket consisting of 4 jackfruit leaves.
  • Coconut leaves petioles or bamboo sticks

Weaving Time: 10-20 mins depending upon your skills.

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Instructions – Jackfruit Leaves Basket Weaving

  1. Wash the jackfruit leaves and dry them using a cloth.
  2. Take 4 equal sized fresh jackfruit leaves. (Don’t take dry leaves, as they tend to break while weaving)
  3. Keep 2 jackfruit leaves facing each other and hold them together at their tips. Seal them using a stick like in the image below:
  4. If you seal the leaves at the tips then you get much larger baskets. The size of the leaves also determines the size of the baskets you make.
  5. If the sticks are too sturdy then it gets difficult to weave. They tend to tear off the delicate leaves. If the sticks are too thin and aren’t strong enough then you can’t weave baskets, as the sticks will tend to break off.
  6. Keep another jackfruit leaf above the 2 sealed jackfruit leaves like in the image below and seal them together:
  7. Keep the 4th and the final jackfruit leaf and seal it. Now your base is completed for your jackfruit leaves basket.
  8. Fold the end of all the jackfruit leaves to make a pocket. After the jackfruit leaves basket is weaved, make sure there are no holes. Now the basket is ready to hold the batter and steam the idili’s.
  9. When you fill batter in these jackfruit leaves baskets, fold one of the leaf outwards like in the image below to get a wide enough opening to fill batter into these baskets.
  10. Once the idli’s are done steaming, allow the idlis to cool for a minute, to avoid the idli from breaking into pieces.
  11. Slowly peel of the leaves one by one to remove the steamed idli’s. And serve them hot.
  12. Jackfruit Leaves Basket Weaving

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