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Jujube Fruit Health Benefits (The Indian Date) – The Red Date


Jujube is a member of the buckthorn family of plants. It is a small deciduous shrub with shiny green leaves and yellowish-green flowers. The fruit itself is oval and green when unripe and purplish-brown and wrinkled when mature. Though it has the consistency and taste of an apple when ripe, it tastes a lot like dates when mature.

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Jujube Health Benefits

Treats Cancer

It’s extract is filled with phenolics that boost its antioxidant activity. This means that the antioxidant enzymes found in jujube work more swiftly to get rid of free radicals and prevent cancer.

Improves Sleep And Treats Insomnia

It has been used to improve sleep and treat insomnia. This is because it contains saponins that have a sedative and hypnotic effect, which make it perfect for inducing sleep. Having a cup of warm jujube tea right before you go to bed could give you restful sleep and treat insomnia in the most natural way possible.

Improves Heart Health

It is loaded with potassium and low in sodium, which makes it easier for your blood vessels to relax and maintain a good level of blood pressure. It has also been found to work as an antiatherogenic agent, which means that it prevents fat from getting deposited in and clogging your arteries. Lastly, jujube was also found to have helped lower the amount of lipids in the blood of obese adolescents, thereby reducing their chance of developing any heart disease.

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Boosts Immunity

It’s fruit is packed with vitamins A and C that are powerful antioxidants. These essential nutrients fight against free radical damage that is responsible for a compromised immune system and could lead to cancer, heart disease, and rapid aging. They do so by regulating the production of inflammatory cytokines.

Aids Digestion

The saponins and triterpenoids found in it make sure that the nutrients from the food are sufficiently absorbed by your body. Secondly, its fiber content makes sure you have smooth and regular bowel movements. Thus, jujubes ensure that you are free from constipation, flatulence, bloating or any other digestive troubles.


How To Use

  • Fresh and dried jujubes are eaten as a snack all over the world.
  • The flavored tea syrup and teabags are widely consumed in China and Korea.
  • In some parts of India, jujube is also used to make pickles.


All the things you need to know about Jujube Fruit Video

How To Select And Store

It is available from July to November. If you’re looking to buy fresh jujubes, make sure you pick ones that are light green and firm. Dried jujubes are usually sold in packets.

Store fresh jujubes on the counter if you mean to consume them within 3-4 days. They’ll last for a couple of weeks in the fridge. Dried jujubes can be stored and used for several months.

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