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Ready to Cook and Ready to Eat Jackfruit (Chakka) kitchen friendly products with no preservatives

Uplift raw jackfruit (pacha chakka) dishes to the usual food basket

unripe jackfruit bulbs


Ready to cook and Ready to Eat products of Jackfruit based on processed Mature ripe and seed are kitchen friendly and preservative free. Processing of Jackfruit include semi processing de seeding, slicing , sterilizing and reducing the moisture level to bare minimum to keep without preservative up to two years.

Jackfruit (Chakka ) – Home garden fruits-largest tree-borne fruits

Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam, (jackfruit) belonging to the family Moraceae (mulberry family) is one of the important and commonly found trees in the home gardens of India and Bangladesh. The term jackfruit is derived from the Portuguese word Jaca, which in turn is adopted from the word “Chakka” of Malayalam. Jackfruit tree produces the largest tree-borne fruits in the world and a mature tree can yield anywhere between ten to two hundred fruits. At times these fruits which contain numerous hard cone-like points may be as heavy as 45 kg in weight, and up to 36 in. in length and 20 in. in diameter.

Pacha Chakka (Raw Jackfruit) products – How to use -Shelf life – Usage and product details

Unripe jack fruits


Method of preparation



Dehydrated – Mature Jackfruit – Mature Jackfruit processed (sliced bulb sterilized in 160 degree steam and dehydrated , Vaccume Packed with nitrogen fleshing)

  • Shelf Life – One Year
  • Usage : Soak in water for Two hours and can be used as fresh jackfruit slice for making puzhukku, chips, biriyani and curries

Dehydrated Ripe Jackfruit – Processed Ripe Jack bulb

  • Shelf Life – Six Months
  • Usage : The natural snack

Ripe Jackfruit in Honey (Chakka pazham ) – Processed Ripe Jack bulb dipped in honey

  • Shelf Life – Six Months
  • Usage : Very energizing snack for students

Jackfruit Flour (chakka podi) – Processed mature jack flour

  • Shelf Life – Six Months
  • Usage : Diabetic friendly and gluten free  flour to make chappathy, boori, etc and as a fortifier in every dish

Jack Seed Flour (chakkakuru powder ) – Processed Seed flour

  • Shelf Life – Six Months
  • Usage : The best tastemaker for a healthy life

Jackfruit Wonder nut Cake (Chakka cake) Ghee based ,Dalda Based

  • Shelf Life – One Month
  • Jack seed flour, Jackflour , processed Ripe jack, Egg , Sugar, Dalda/ ghee
  • Zero maida, Zero baking powder and gluten free

Jackfruit varatty (chakka varatiyathu) – Jackfruit Pulp, Jaggery, Ghee

  • Shelf Life – Six Months
  • Usage : For payasam making, direct eating and multiple usage to replace ripe jackfruit bulbs

Jackfruit mixture (chakka mixture) Whole mature jackfruit Except outer carpel and non palatable white part of seed

  • Shelf Life – Two Months
  • Usage : Natural mixture as best evening snacks

Jack Chutney Powder (chakka chammanthy podi) Jack flour, seed flour and Coconut

  •  Shelf Life – Two Months
  • Usage : The veppilakaty made with jack and seed flour

Jackfruit Aravana – (chakkapazham aravana payasam) – Processed Semi ripe jackfruit bulb, Ghee cardamom nuts and jiggery

  • Shelf Life – One Month
  • Usage : Jack Payasam in Concentrate

Jackfruit AvaloseUnda Semi ripe jackfruit bulb, Sugar, Ghee and coconut

  • Shelf Life – One Month
  • Usage : A perfect tasty snack with jackfruit

Jack Pickle Red and White – Processed mature jack and gingelly oil and pickle mix

  • Shelf Life – Three Months


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