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Red Matta Rice | Kerala Red Rice | Top 4 Health Benefits | NatureLoC

Red Matta Rice

Red Matta Rice or Kerala red rice is also known by the name Rosematta rice. Since it is cultivated in the Palakkad region of Kerala, it called by the name Palakkadan Matta rice. Since they are partially boiled in the husk, called by the name Red Parboiled rice. These rice can be taken as plain rice or be used in the making of appams, idlis and various snacks like murukku.

Black soil in Kerala and Karnataka is used for the cultivation of Matta rice. These yellowish red grains is famed for its unique flavor and natural taste. These yellowish brown colored rice are parboiled with the reddish outer layers. It maintains its hue as well as its flavor through cooking. This course rice has a red pericarp which ensures the presence of higher nutritional content.

The use of Red Matta Rice or Kerala red rice has certain health benefits over other available rice varieties. It is believed to have more nutritional content when compared to normal white rice.

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Red Matta Rice Health Benefits

Rich in Fibre

In today’s age of fast food mania and easy availability of refined foods, Matta rice can help with your daily fiber requirements for a healthy digestion. The rich fiber content in these rice can help with the smooth running of the digestive system. Intake of fibrous foods can increase the volume and lubricates your bowel movements. So the consumption of Kerala Matta rice can have a positive effect on various digestive ailments. The high fibre content will leave you feeling fuller even when you eat less. This means that you’re eating just the right amount of your daily calorie intake.


Apart from its natural taste, the presence of red pericarp in this rice is known for its nutritional content. The pericarp is considered as the healthy outer covering of a rice grain. As we all know polished rice varieties are devoid of this valuable layer when they are ground out to appear shiny and clean. Kerala red rice or Matta rice retains this nutritional outer covering. Thus, the intake of Matta rice can help with the nutritional requirement of the body. With increased quantities of minerals, vitamins, fibre and more, Matta rice goes for gold with its contribution to a healthier diet.

Red Matta Rice

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High in Magnesium

Matta rice or Kerala red rice is considered to be a rich source of magnesium. Magnesium helps to regulate the normal breathing pattern of the body. Many of the enzymatic reactions in the body require magnesium as an essential element. It also aids with the transmission of nervous signals through the body and helps with the prevention of heart diseases and osteoporosis. The deficiency of magnesium in your body can cause numerous health problems.

Calcium Rich

Calcium content in Matta rice is much higher than that of white rice. White rice loses most of its essential nutrients during the polishing process. Calcium is considered one of the essential nutritive element for all stages of life. Matta rice or Kerala red rice helps with the daily calcium requirement and protects you from cumbersome diseases such as Osteoporosis and weakened bones. From playing a vital role in growth during childhood to being a crucial component in muscle health and function, calcium also keeps your bones and teeth strong and healthy. Especially crucial for women post-menopause.

Now that you know all the benefits of Matta rice, stay stress-free knowing that every meal you make, you can look forward to not only enjoying its unique and colorful flavors but also staying fit and healthy with each bite!

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