Screw Pine Products Which You Must Definitely Need To Own

Screw Pine Products

Screw Pine Products

Screw pine is a word that is commonly known for Pandan or Pandanus. It belongs to Pandanacea family. The leaves are sword like, thin and long, prickly margins, spiral arrangements and aerial roots, with a rough green surface. The screw pine is a monocot and flowering plant. It grows side by rivers and streams. It helps to protect the water bodies and prevent soil erosion. The fleshy green plant is peeled into thin strips are dried in the sun and then diagonally plated to create mats and more products.

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There are so many products that can be produced from screw pine leaves and the roots are also used to make paintbrushes. The leaves are very widely used in producing variety of products. The leaves are hand weaved and the products are very suitable to use, as they are eco-friendly and the dye colors what goes in coloring the leaves contain chemicals in very small amount and which doesn’t affect the environmental protection.

Screw Pine Products – Tools & Raw Materials Used

Following are the tools and raw materials required for screw pine craft:

  • Cutters: To cut the pandanus leaves or screw pine leaves cutters are used.
  • Needles: To stitch screw pine leaves together needle is used.
  • Dyes: The respective dye colors are added to the water to color the screw pine leaves.
  • Cardboard: The coasters are stitched by placing the cardboard in middle of two weaved screw pine leaves.
  • Screw Pine Leaves: The important raw material that is used is screw pine plant.

How is it made ?

  1. The screw pine leaves are collected from the local areas.
  2. Leaves are naturally dried under the sun.
  3. The leaves undergo a process of dyeing.
  4. The dyed leaves are then cooled by putting in cold water.
  5. Dyed leaves from the vat containing cold water is removed and kept to dry naturally under sun.
  6. The dried leaves are cut to strips and weaved to produce mats. And similarly other products are also made.

The screw pine is cut with the help of cutters or knives and collected. The leaves then undergo the process of dyeing where the leaves are put to boiling water along with respective dye powder that is been added. They are taken out of the tank and put to another vat of cold water to cool it down. The leaves then are kept in the sun to dry. The leaves are ready to be weaved to suitable products.

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