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Power of plants – Blessed by Nature

Healing Power of Plants -medicinal uses


Plant food Researchers/Scientists took the essence of four plant foods –turmeric , brocoli,green tea,and ,pomegranate– and concentrated it into a food supplement that could dealt progress of prostate cancer it was reinforcement of the fact that a squad of micro nutrients found in plants known as polyphenols can protect us from cancer.  

All plant based foods – fruits,grains,vegetables,nuts,seeds – contain polyphenols that  show anti- tumour ability by inducing the cancer cells to suicide or/and prevent their proliferation.  Low intake of fruits and vegetables is believed to cause 19 per  cent of cancers of the digestive system

Vegetables and  Fruits – tomatoes-pomegranate-brocoli-cabbage-carrots etc

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Berries are probably the ninjas among cancer fighters,protection against esophageal,mouth and colon cancers because they contain a collection of formidable phyto nutrients that are able to strike at any stage of the cancer genesis

Drinking 200 ml of pomegranate juice daily is found to slow the spread of prostate cancer.  Recommendation :3 to 5 coloured fruits daily

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Cooked tomatoes protect against prostate cancer, cooked carrots against cervical cancer and dark green leafy veggies  against esophagus and stomach cancers.  Brocoli,cabbage,brussel sprouts,kale,bok choy,cauliflower contain isothiocyanates,a compound unique to them.  These become bioactive when chopped,chewed and digested protection against cancers of the mouth,throat-stomach and esophagus.  A high intake of these vegetables is believed to reduce risk of lung cancer in smokers

Dose Five servings of cooked and raw veggies /day

Green and Black Tea (Aromatic ambush) 


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A cup of black,green or oolong tea provides more than just an aftertaste of flavours.  Green tea contains the highest concentration of polyphenols.  Drinking several cups of black or green tea (5cups/day) may minimise the risk of oesophageal,bladder,breast,ovarian,pancreatic cancers

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 Spicy Protection : All bout spices

Include spices in your diet to live longer


Sounding like a list of ingredients for an Indian masala curry recipe,turmeric,allspice,basil,garlic,fennel,cardamom,cumin,coriander,dill,ginger all have anti cancer properties,though India’s golden yellow turmeric reign supreme so far

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Pulse power and Nutty defenders 

Dried-Fruit-and-Nuts-for perfect skin

Dried beans and legumes too join the bandwagon,protection us from colon cancer.  Noteworthy are black beans,moon dal,navy beans and peanuts. Researchers say both dried and sprouted black beans defend against breast,colon and liver cancers.  Recommended is one to two cups of cooked pulses everyday

Researches and tests  show that walnuts,pecans and almonds contain a compound called ellagic acid which gang with other antioxidants accruing formidable power that can retard the growth of breast and colorectal cancers.

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Dosage : An ounce day

Olive Oil :extra virgin olive oil

A large study of  people by Harvard University results that including extra virgin olive oil in one’s diet can lessen the risk of developing cancer by 9 percent.  Laboratory experiments who that oleocanthal, a component in extra virgin olive oil can kill the cancerous cells, laving the healthy cells intact.  Given its other health virtues, the cancer fighting property is just another feather in the cap for olive oil

Eating a variety of plant foods give multiple protection because one will get an assortment of polyphenols in the daily diet

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