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Weight loss-Essential Fruits and Vegetables which controls your weight Naturally


Weight loss Naturally……….

Here are some Fruits and Vegetables which can lower your weight without any drugs.Do you ever search for the Naturally available fruits and vegetables which can lower your weight? Doctors consultancy and medicines are not needed to control your weight.For this regular use of some of the foods that are given below is needed.Include these foods in your daily diet.

For a healthy diet, you should include the following….

  • Vegetables and Fruits
  • Whole grains, Beans and Nuts
  • Fat-free milk and milk products eggs
  • Fish and Meat

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Vegetables and Fruits for Weight loss

Fresh vegetables from farmers market


According to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) “Making half your plate Fruits and Vegetables”. Vegetables are the inseparable part of the healthy food.It is because of the fact that the vegetables are a rich source of Nutrients and Minerals.The vegetables contain low calories, low amount of fat and rich in fibres .This is the good package for weight loss.

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Some major vegetables that help in weight loss are…..




Cucumber:- This is the vegetables that contain the least calorie among all other vegetables.This can provide you with a cooling effect.Because 95% of the vegetable contains water.






Carrot:- Carrot contains low calorie but it should be eaten as raw carrot or freshly.So this can be added to your salad.It gives the taste same taste hen you cooked.






Spinach(Palac) :-This is a leafy vegetable Which can be used in your daily diet to control weight.It contains Vitamin And Vitamin C .This helps provide an antioxidant property.It is a rich source of potassium, fibre and folate (folic acid).And it also contains low calorie and fat.Palak in your daily diet helps you to lower Obesity.






Cabbage:- Cabbage contains low calorie and high fibre content.This is beneficial for weight loss.By having cabbage on your daily diet make you feel full thus this reduces the hunger.






Fenugreek leaves:- This can help you to lower your weight.This is due to it contains natural soluble fibre in it.If you take the Fenugreek , this will help to reduce your appetite.This results in reducing the weight by reducing the intake of other foods which adds more calories and fat.





Cauliflower:- The vegetable is rich in nutrients and contains low calorie and high fibre content.It takes more time to digest.And make you feel full for a long time.Reduce the hunger.


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Fruits are also an important source of minerals and nutrients.This includes potassium, fibre, vitamin C and folate (folic acid).All fresh, frozen and dried fruits can be used for our daily diet.

Some fruits are here to lower Obesity…..




Guava :- The fruit high fibre in it.It contains low glycemic content.Because of this property, this helps in weight loss.






Watermelon :- Watermelon contains 90% of water in it.And it possesses low calorie.This is a source of arginine amino acids which helps in the breakdown of fats in our body.






Pear:- Pear contains a high amount of fibre.This helps to improve the digestive system.Maintains the cholesterol in our body low.The fruit is rich in vitamins also.






Apple:- The fruit has lesser calorie and doesn’t include any fat.Apple can help you to lower your weight.








Tomatoes :– Totamoes exhibits antioxidant property.It helps to reduce the water retention.Tomatoes help our body from losing weight.




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