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Wines  – an alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice

red wine and white wine

Wine (wʌɪn/) – an alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice.It is any fermented fruit juice .Wine is traditionally the product of fermented grapes. Although wine can be made from other fruits.  The wine making process or vinification is starting with selection of good quality grapes or other other produce and ending with bottling the finished product good wine.According to researches and clinical studies reveals  that ,regular and moderate consumption of wine has been associated with health benefits,wine may protect against cardio diseases,hypertension type 2 diabetes…. Wine is a complex mixture,drinking wine in healthy people may protect against chronic health conditions

Types of wine Red wines and White wine

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Red Wine -Red Wine Burns Fat And Lowers Blood Pressure

red wine

High quality, red wine grapes have colorless juice. All of the red color is in the grape skins, and winemakers must leave the juice in contact with the skins for a considerable time to extract the color. Red wine is made by crushing the grapes and then fermenting the juice, the pulp, the skins and the seeds together for several days. Near the end of sugar fermentation,a wine press is used to separate the liquid from the solid materials.Red wines is amde from black grapes or the darker grapes. Red wines flavour is a richer flavour

White wine -fermenting clarified juice

White wine health benefits


White wine is made by a different process. First the grapes are crushed and pressed immediately to separate the juice from the solids. After pressing, the skins, stems and seeds are discarded, and the juice is cooled to a low temperature. Then the cold juice is allowed to settle for several hours, and the clear juice is decanted off the residue before it is fermented.
White wine is made by fermenting clarified juice. These are the fundamental differences between making quality, red wine and white wine. At first glance, the two winemaking processes may appear similar because  several steps are identical. Nevertheless, the steps are done in a different sequence, and the sequence makes a large change in wine characteristics.White wines have a light,crisp,fruity flavour and aroma. And it is mostly made of white grapes

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