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White Bean – Common Bean with extraordinary qualities

Common Bean – White bean  – mild,slightly nutty flavour beanNavy beans

As the name suggests,white bean are white in colour and quite small.  Their size is usually anywhere from a quarter-inch to a half-inch (about 0.6 to 1.3 cm) long.  They are mostly oval shaped and have a mild,slightly nutty flavour. A diet which includes white beans can aid in weight loss,provide cancer fighting antioxidants and beans also add ample amount of fibre to the diet.  They are low on the glycemic index and have even within the body that fight the storage of fat.

Types of white beans – Navy beans – Cannellini Beans – Great Northern Beans

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  • Navy beans : These beans are small,oval and  are also known as Boston beans,the white coco and pea beans
  • Cannellini Beans : These are kidney  shaped and large in size
  • Great Northern Beans :  These have a slightly grainy texture with a dense nutty flavour

Their delicious taste and health benefits have made these beans really popular and well known around the world.  The simplicity of white beans makes them useful in all households and in most recipes.  Thus, they have become one the most stable and indispensable food items.  Out of the three types of white beans,the navy beans are consumed on large scale in India

 Benefits of white beans – health properties -medicinal values

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White beans contain  a plethora of health benefits ranging from body building to improving immunity at the cellular level

They are high in fibre and thus they are slowly digested and result in a feeling of satiety.  This is why they have a low glycemic load in our blood,when absorbed.  They are also helpful in preventing high blood sugar and heart diseases

White beans produce alpha-amylase inhibitors,which slow down the absorption of carbohydrates by preventing enzymes from turning simple starches in to sugars.  This process discourages fat storage in the body

Rich in thiamine white beans participate in enzymatic reactions central to energy production and is also critical for brain cell/cognitive function

White beans aid in healthy bones

Rich in magnesium,white beans aid in healthy bones.  Magnesium also supports the nervous system,muscles and affects mood.  It can therefore also help fight depression and stress

White beans are a good source of protein when combined with wholegrain,they provide protein comparable to meat or dairy foods

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