Eat healthy – Tips to Ensure Optimum Nutrition

Good eating and nutrition – Healthy eating tips

eating fruits and vegetables

Good nutrition may help you lower your risk of some chronic diseases, have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies, and reach and stay at a healthy body weight. Healthy  eating habits can help you feel your best—today and every day

Pay Attention To Your Body

Learn what your body is trying to say.  Only eat if you are hungry and have a glass of water if you actually need water instead of food.  Stop eating before you actually feel full because the body takes a few minutes to get message from the brain that it is full

Consider eating less

When eating our,skip the entree,opt for a starter instead.  share the dish with a friend or partner and never order anything over-sized.  Use small plates when eating at home and serve small portions.  Take the help of visual cues to eat smaller portions of meat,chicken or fish.  A teaspoon of oil or salad dressing is about the size of a matchbox and your slice of bread should be small

Enjoy meal  times and always chew your food’ Savour every bite and chew your food always.  Many of us do not take time to enjoy the flavours of the food and completely miss the joy of eating

Eat small meals during the day and never miss breakfast

A good breakfast will help kick start the metabolism and having small meals through the day instead of three large ones will keep the body energetic and the metabolism high

Eat good carbs

Healthy carbs include fruits,beans,vegetables and whole grain.  These carbs make you feel full for longer periods of time,digest slowly and maintain insulin and sugar levels.  Stay away from refined foods, pastas,cereals and breads that  are not made from whole wheat or grain

Add monounsaturated fats to your diet

These fats come from plants in the form of peanut oil,olive oil, and canola oil,from nuts like pecans,almonds and hazelnuts,seeds like sesame,walnuts,flax seeds,corn and avocados