Getting over your genetic disadvantage

Getting over your genetic disadvantage

Person drinking water and eating vegetables

The guy you admire in the gym has chiselled physique and seds to be carve of stone.  A peculiarity in such guys is that they have no knowledge about their workouts and the diet they follow.  But whatever they do,they seem to hand,you and many others like you put in your best and though the results are visible they are too slow.

You work out with the perfect form,frequency and tempo and use all variables which can lead to growth.  You eat right and use a range of supplements to fill in the gaps.  But you never seem to gain muscle without the accompanying fat.  And the fact is that,you are just as normal as others.  With every 0.454 grams of muscle you gain, you also gain 907 grams to 1.361 kilos of fat and vice versa.  This is the reason why most people lose considerable amount of weight when losing fat.  This is the case with an average individual too.

The above discussed character has a genetic advantage over most people.  They have more testosterone,lesser oestrogen,better thyroid function,magnificent nervous system and optimal digestive system etc.  However, one of the most crucial and neglected components especially by such guys is the nutrient component.  If they continue taking high amounts of simple sugars and refined carbohydrates,sooner or later their bodies will show proof.

What happens to nutrients in the body

  • They get used by the body
  • They get stored in body for future use for
  • Get excreted in the form of waste

Our emphasis has to be on maximising the usage of these nutrients by the body,reduce the amount stored as fat an optimize excretion.  Insulin is the primarily hormone responsible for positioning the macronutrients to be used as energy in the cells or to be stored as glycogen and fats.  If your body has impaired insulin sensitivity the the usage of nutrients by the cells is impaired.  Consuming simple or fast acting carbs at the wrong time is the primary culprit for this problem.

Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and other foodstuffs. Isolated.

Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and other foodstuffs. Isolated.

Theory of carbohydrate partitioning

  • Eat fast carbs immediately after workouts
  • Consume low GI and high fibre foods for the rest of the day
  • Keep a check on the amount of carbs eaten

Chronic inflammation

One of the major reasons for insulin sensitivity is chronic inflammation which has been attributed to be the major reason behind every degenerative disease known to man.  Till the time you carb the inflammation in your body,no matter what you do,you will never get the physique you want.  And the best way to curb inflammation is by increasing your intake of antioxidants.

Sources of antioxidants