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  • Kudampuli (Cambodgia)-A Natural Anti-oxidant and an effective catalyst for weight loss?How to recognize adultered kodampuli ?

Kudampuli (Cambodgia)-A Natural Anti-oxidant and an effective catalyst for weight loss?How to recognize adultered kodampuli ?

Kodampuli (കുടംപുളി) (Cambodge/Malabar tamarind) Kerala’s secret spice – How to recognize adultered kodampuli

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Kodampuli is also known as gambodge/Cambodge, fish tamarind, malabar tamarind and mistakenly as kokum. This fruit is used to add sourness to dishes /curries in Kerala. This is also kerala’s  secret spice in seafood.  Kodampuli is a medium sized, evergreen tree and the flowers are sessile and axillary.  Its leaves are dark green, elliptic, shining to obviate.  It bears sweet sour mixed fruit.  The fruit may resemble a yellow  pumpkin.  When the fruit ripes, its plucked form the vine, seeded and left to dry in the sun till it turns leathery.

Adulteration in Kudampuli (Cambodge) – How to recognize adultered kodampuli ? മായം ചേർത്ത കുടംപുളി എങ്ങനെ കണ്ടുപിടിക്കാം

It’s a bare fact that around 75 % of kodampuli available in open markets are adultered. You might be interested in knowing how it is adultered or what kind of adulteration is used in Kodmapuli, here is a glimpse of making a low quality, polished Kodampuli which can cause serious ill effects to your health.

Used kodmapuli is collected from big catering centres hotels or even houses,and is again repolished with charcoal, wax or used oil and dried it with sun light. This gives a glossy fresh look on the outside but beneath lies an unnatural version of adultered Kodampuli.

Where to find good quality Kudampuli? 

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Cambodge is not find easy . Well stocked Indian groceries or shops may carry it . Buy from your local markets or reliable sources.  If you can’t find it locally or other stores,don’t hesitate to seek it out online at sources NatureLoc.com

Cambodge/Malabar tamarind (കുടംപുളി) Uses – Health benefits,medicinal values,culinary uses –Traditional uses in cooking – food preparation

The fruit of Garcinia has been traditionally used in cooking and food preparation, having a distinctive taste.  Its uses almost exclusively  in Kerala cuisines, especially in fish curries and sea food.  Kerala fish curries are refreshing. Cambodge sourness is perfect balance to the fresh coconut milk an intense spicing.  Three to four pieces is enough for a curry and 8-10 minutes cooking is more than enough to release kodampuli’s flavour

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For cooking tips : Before preparing dishes-curries -sauces -Soak kodampuli in  medium hot water along with little salt for few minutes

How to use kodampuli in cooking ? How to prepare kodampuli fish curry ?  Kodampuli Fish curry -sea food cooking recipes 

Kodampuli (Cambodgia)  –  A Natural Anti-oxidant and an effective catalyst for weight loss –  Uses in Ayurveda

Cambodgia also popular natural weight loss aid, because of its rich content  hydroxycitric acid / HCA.  Its extracts sometimes used in  traditional medicine in purgatives.  It is also helps to stomach upsets, digestion and its kashaym made out of  used against arthritis and other uterine diseases, cure ulcers.