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Pomegranates (Mathala Naranga)- Glorious Red Fruit – Seeded Apple to Prevent Anemia

Pomegranate Mathala Naranga Apple with many seeds

Health living -Pome granate tree with fruits and flower


Pomegranate Plant 

Pomegranate (Punica granatum ) Powerful Medicinal Plant : The pomegranate is a common table fruit and is very much liked for its refreshing juice, which has a high medicinal value. The hardy nature, low maintenance cost, high yields, better keeping quality and survival without irrigation make pomegranate cultivation a paying proposition. The pomegranate is a native fruit of Persia.Its name in Latin means “apple with many seeds.”The fruit, which is about the size of an apple, has a thin rind lined with a layer of white membrane (carpellar membranes) which divides the fruit into several cells. Each cell contains numerous seeds encased in a juicy pulp (arils). There are 1200-1300 seeds in the large-sized fruit with less in the smaller fruit. The background color of the fruit is usually greenish yellow or brown with reddish areas which may occupy the whole surface of the fruit. The overall fruit skin color can be yellow, red, pink, darkpurple and many shades in between. The outer rind color is pink to deep red when the fruit is mature on the most popular varieties for eating

Pomegranate Fruit – Potential health benefits and nutritive value of this peculiar fruit

Pome granate pieces and seeeds

One medium apple-sized pomegranate (3-3/8” in diameter, 154 grams in weight) provides about 105 calories. It has 26 grams carbohydrate,is a good source of potassium (399 milligrams), has some vitamin C (9 milligrams) and fiber (0.9 grams) as well as small amounts of several other vitamins and minerals.Pomegranates have much the same phytochemical qualities as cherries, blueberries, cranberries and other red or brightly colored fruit.


Pomegranate Juice – Fruit of Paradise –  Myths and Realities


Nowadays people are becoming more conscious of the diet contribution to their health and,therefore,willing to buy food  rich in bio active compounds. In this frame work pomegranate has shown considerable evidences of therapeutic effects.  This delicious and sweet fruit is packed with ,excellent source of vitamin C and K and powerful Antioxidants

• Many of the phytochemicals in pomegranates act as antioxidants

• Antioxidants neutralizes free radicals to prevent cell damage
• Oxidation is very destructive and over time could be a pathway for cancer, heart disease and aging

Secret to  preventing heart attack – Using this beautiful pear  seeds

1/2 glass of pomegranate juice and 3 dates a day  – this mix or combination protect against heart disease and stroke

Recent studies, have shown the effects of pomegranate juice consumption as a potent antioxidant reducing heart disease and cancer risk. In fact, cardiovascular benefits were shown when study participants consumed only 2 ounces of pomegranate juice daily. Other studies have shown pomegranate juice helpful in protecting the skin from tumors   

Miracle Fruit – Pomegranate – How this fruit prevent Anemia 

Consuming this fruit in any form maintains the blood flow in the body, its rich content of iron increase the hemoglobin content and supplies of iron to the blood helping to prevent anemia, weakness, dizziness. If an anemic person takes 200gms of this fruit in the morning in an empty stomach it helps a lot

Cancer sufferers should start drinking the juice of this fruit will help them to reducing the risk of developing cancer,because of its rich content of antioxidants (flavonoids) reduces P.S.A levels in patients body and it help to fight against existing cancer cells in the body


Pomegrante fruit – In Culinary uses

The flesh-covered seeds can be used as a garnish in fruit cups, compotes, salads and desserts, and as a snack. The juice is used in making jellies, puddings, desserts, wine and fruit drinks. Grenadine, made from pomegranate juice,is indispensable in flavoring some beverages.Grenadine also makes a delicious topping for ice cream and chilled fruits such as peaches, pears and bananas.



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