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Women Exercises-Misconceptions regarding the exercises for women

Common myths about exercise among women

women- exercises

We all know that exercise is supposed to be good for us. But regular exercise has unique importance in the lives of women.Regular  exercise or physical activity has been associated  some benefits,it increases your energy,improve bone health,reduce low back pain etc.., A few women are sacred of squats because they are said to be bad for knee.  This and more are misconceptions that women have regarding exercises

Women exercises – Myth 1 – Weight Training (Exercise training) will bulk up my body 

Beginner-Arm-Workout-Weights-trainig in women

Exercise -weight training reacts in different ways for both (Male and female) the  body types.Male body produces hormones called testosterone which is essential if you want to gain size. Good news is that female body doesn’t produce this hormone.  So chances of getting bulky if you lift weights are nil.. Instead,weight training will help you toning up

Myth 2 – Period Facts (menstrual facts) -You shouldn’t exercise during your period

You should workout during your menstrual cycle.  Exercising during your periods will help you in reduced abdominal cramps.  When you exercise,your body releases feel good hormones endorphins,which keeps your brain calm and makes you feel better.  However,avoid doing intensive exercise.  Cardio,light yoga stretches,light weight training are recommended

 Myth 3 –  Sweat Facts – More sweating more weight loss

sweat exercise -women exercise myths


When you sweat your body releases water and sodium,due to which you feel that you have lost weight.   This illusionary weight loss in only temporary and comes back when you rehydrate yourself.  Sweating is a mechanism of body for cool down: don’t count more sweating as more weight loss

 Myth 4 – Getting flat stomach – Extra crunches

women crunch exercisesIf you want to lose that stubborn belly fat,you have to hit your abdominal muscles from different angles with intensity.  Crunches alone would not help you. To reduce the circumference of your belly,you should train your lower extremities as well.  Dead lifts and squats are effective exercises to reduce belly fat

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