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Bran Oil – Rice bran and rice bran oil health benefits

What is Rice bran and rice bran oil?

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Rice is produced in very large quantities in nine countries of South-east Asia. Considerable amounts are also produced in the USA, Europe and Latin America. China is the largest rice producing country followed by India. Rice bran is the cuticle between the rice grain and paddy husk obtained as a bye product of rice process in and is a rich source of fiber,oil,protein,and nutrients essential to life.  Rice bran is a byproduct of rice processing industry and upon extraction yields rice bran oil. The oil content of rice bran varies in each variety, and depends to an even greater extent on the processes and conditions obtained during rice milling

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Rice bran oil is comparatively new oil, recently introduced in the consumer market. It is used in the manufacture of vanaspati and for culinary purposes.Rice bran oil shows great promise for extensive use in India, due to the presence of several factors like γ-oryzanol, which are known to protect from cardio vascular diseases.

Multiple generation studies are being conducted to evaluate its nutritional quality, mutagenicity and protective effect against certain types of cancer.There are a number of factors that influence the quality of rice bran oil. Immediate extraction and processing are considered as of prime importance, as delayed extraction can lead to problems, such as color changes and deterioration of organoleptic quality and flavours

Rice bran oil nutritional and medicinal values

ricebranoil health benefits and uses

Tocopherol and Tocotrienol – Vitamin E –Vitamin E are natural antioxidants that help fight free radicals, a major cause of cancer.Tocopherol helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood ,fighting free radicals and in preventing oxidation

Phytosterols  reduce cholesterol, provide anti-inflammatory effects, inhibit the growth of cancer cells, improve the immune system and have other health benefits. There are 27 different phytosterols in Rice Bran Oil.

Oryzanol – Its rich content  Oryzanol powerful antioxidant more active than Vitamin E in fighting free radicals,effective in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood, reducing liver cholesterol synthesis and treating menopausal disorders.

Rice bran oil uses and health benefits

rice-bran-oil uses and health benefits




Rice bran oil taste good and mixes better in salad dressings. It can be used for Cooking and frying which leaves no lingering after taste.The high smoke point prevents fatty acid from breaking down at high temperatures. Its light viscosity allows less oil to be absorbed in cooking, reducing overall calories. Rice bran oil improves the taste of baked foods providing cholesterol reduction nutritional and anti-oxidant value

Rice Bran Oil has the best balance of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats as recommended by health organizations,the oil of choice for improving serum cholesterol levels and preventing cardiovascular diseases.