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Fig (Anjir) – An Ornamental Plant and a Healthy fruit for you

Anjir-Fig  – A soft sweet pear shaped and with many seeds

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The Fig is a soft sweet pear shaped and with many seeds, which grows on a tree related to the mulberry species, available in various colours. The Fig plant is one of the five plants mentioned in the Qur’an, the others being grapes, olives, pomegranate and dates. It is mentioned in the Quran of a Fig tree in the Garden of Jannah, and in fact the most discussed fruit in the Bible. The word sycophant, meaning an informer and one who seeks favors by flattering the powerful, comes from the Greek “to show the Fig.” According to Biblical Literature, it is said, that a Fig tree provided the first clothing for the human being. Fig is discussed in the preliminary Ayah 1 of Surah 95, which confirmed the medicinal values and advantages of this fruit.

Fresh and dried figs are rich in fibre and high in iron,boosting energy  and promoting healthy blood

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Figs are usually available dried,as fresh figs are easily damaged and have a very short shelf life.  This delicious fruit contains good amounts of fibre,most of it soluble, which helps protect against heart diseases.  Figs are also a good source of several minerals and vitamin B6,with small amounts of a range of B vitamins,folate and several other vitamins and minerals.  Dried figs are a concentrated source of potassium and are rich in calcium,magnesium and iron.  They are,however,also high in calories,so are best eaten in moderation

Fig -The  Incredible Edible Fig

 “the laves of the fig tree are edible.  Fig leaf liquid extract has anti-diabetic properties,reducing the amount of insulin,needed by some people with diabetes”

Reasons for including figs in your food /diet -Figs health benefits -Figs uses – Medicinal values

Remover of bad smell of the mouth

Eating of Figs as a remover of bad smell of the mouth.

Figs are high in dietary fiber and a rich source of magnesium as well as potassium -Richer in Fiber

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Figs are high in dietary fiber and a rich source of magnesium as well as potassium.It is relatively high in vitamins A, B, and C and low in calories, about 50 calories each.  One large raw fig, approximately 65 grams is 77.5 percent water, yields .8 g protein, .2 g total fat, 23 mg calcium, .4 mg Iron, 50 IU vitamin A, 2.1 g dietary fiber, 3.8 mcg foliate, .3 mg niacin, and 1 mg vitamin C.Figs these health values  linked to good digestive health, help to relieve constipation, and contribute to good heart health.

Figs for sexual health :

Soak 3-5 figs in fresh milk overnight and eat in the morning to over come weakness,this is an orthodox remedy to increase sexual weakness

Fig – Highly recommended fruit for treatment of piles

It is recommended that five pieces of figs be taken for at least four to ten months regularly,early in the morning and which completely eliminates piles

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Other medicinal values-health properties-uses in cooking – culinary uses

  • Contain sterols,which help to lower blood cholesterol
  • Figs are also recommended in the treatment of asthma,coughs and chills
  • Good source of natural energy and sugars
  • Good source of potassium to help prevent fluid retention
  • Dried fruit is an excellent source of iron,for healthy blood, and calcium,for bone density



From where to buy figs (anjir)? Is it available on line?Where can I buy Figs? 

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