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Know your berries and nuts – goji berries,walnuts,apricot,fig…

Dry fruits are not just delicacies but are powerhouses of nutrition

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Dry fruits and nuts are rich in different types of vitamins,minerals and has a lot of medical benefits.  Let us give you a list of things that you should know. Keeping a healthy lifestyle these days is very important. Here are too many stress related issues that affect everyone’s health plus the food that is readily available often causes us to gain weight which again makes us prone to more ailments and diseases.Dried fruit is now considered as a good source of nutrients though as long as they are those prepared naturally and not those that are processed

Bamboo Rice (Mulayari) – Hidden Tribal Secret Revealed

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contains protein to build and repair body’s cells and tissues does not contain any fat beneficial if dieting..  Its rich content of proteins controls back pain,joints pain and rheumatic pain.The other medicinal and health benefits are Controls sugar, cholesterol and Blood pressure.Good for Pregnant women to overcome vitamin deficiency

Bamboo Rice Availability – How to prepare Bamboo Rice Food – Where do we get original Bamboo Rice How to use bamboo rice -Role in ayurvedic  treatment – Can Bamboo Rice Increase Fertility

Goji Berries / Wolfberry – A Natural Fruit – Anti Aging Berry

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It is also called as wolf berry.  Helps to reduce diabetes.  Helps for high blood pressure,fever, and age related eye problems.“WolfberryEat a handful of goji berries daily and you’ll stay fit, healthy and young. This so called “anti-aging berry”. The good thing about Goji berries is that it can be consumed directly or incorporated into recipes and used as food and in our case in our Goji berry wine which is delicious. Powerful antioxidants key to eternal youth

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Walnuts – Akhrot – Unique Nut with whole body benefit

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Good sleep,protects healthy cells,cleans blood cells.Walnuts Akhrot – Unique Nut with whole body benefit.  Walnuts The perfect Signature of the Head.Walnuts  – One of the few plant sources of omega-3 fats .Walnuts are an ultimate brain food. Loaded with antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, they help iron out memory kinks and boost our cognitive abilities. Plus, vitamin E helps prevent cognitive decline too.

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Dried apricots -Apricots are known as – “Moons of the Faithful”

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Lots of fiber.  Potassium – leveling water in the body.  iron,vitamin A and C.Apricot Ideal fruit for weight maintenance.  High in total and soluble fibre for healthy heart and circulation.  Excellent source of potassium.

Fig (Anjir) – An Ornamental Plant and a Healthy fruit for you

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Reduces weight.  Reduces heart gastric problems 7 heart attack.  Reduces the risk of cancer

  • Contain sterols,which help to lower blood cholesterol
  • Figs are also recommended in the treatment of asthma,coughs and chills
  • Good source of natural energy and sugars
  • Good source of potassium to help prevent fluid retention
  • Dried fruit is an excellent source of iron,for healthy blood, and calcium,for bone density

Kiss Miss /Raisins white and black -Raisins – Dried Grapes- Irreplaceable Dry Fruit

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Complete cholesterol free fat free acids.  Eat 5 to 9 A Day for Better Health.Raisins are widely popular variety of dry fruits.  They are a valuable source of energy and are used in health tonics and high energy food supplements for athletes, mountaineers and others.  High fiber diets have been promoted to help reduce the risk of developing various conditions, including constipation, heart disease, diabetes, diverticular disease, colon cancer and obesity.

Orange Dry –  orange known as ‘golden apple

Orange dry is a dietary fiber.  Increases the production of pectin.  Contains calcium to avoid itchy dry skin.  Contains vitamin C to add a glowing shine to skin.  Promotes optimal heart function.Improves vision


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