Non-spice items that are used to thicken-flavour

Non-spice items that are used to thicken-flavour – Coconut-Onion-Arrowroot powder-Salt

Non spice items food thicker flavour

Coconut : wonderful natural oil  Boost your memory


Coconut: Coconut paste or grated coconut is used both to thicken and season curries. Coconut milk is also used for this purpose. Coconut is rich in protein which contains all the essential amino acids. It is of the best quality and readily assimilated.

Coconut milk is tasty and an oiled coconut meal is extremely rich in all minerals.

Coconut water is good for people with jaundice, urinary diseases, nervousness and fatigue. It is cooling and refreshing.

Onion-A traditional indispensable non spice Item found in almost every kitchen in the world.

onions-red-shallots-bulbs health benefits-medicinal uses

Onion: Onion is used to thicken and flavour food. Onion can be used ground, boiled and ground, fried and ground, finely chopped, grated or in any other form. It is even eaten raw in salads. Its pungent odour is caused by the sulphuric acid which volatilises rapidly when its tissues are broken.


White onions are the most nutritive, the yellow ones less so, and the red ones even less. Fresh onions will have the best effect. Onion juice should never be taken alone. It should be taken with some food or drink.

Arrowroot Powder (Koovapodi) – A Perfect Mix of Nutritional and Medicinal Values

Koova podi Arrow root powder -flour Nature loc

Koovapodi (Arrowroot Powder/Flour) Traditional Nature’s way to obtaining better health.Arrowroot Powder/Flour (Koovapodi) “Meals of Meals ” the easily digestible low calories food.It is used in the same method as corn startch. Arrowroot flour is stable than that maida an corn starch without any after taste One table spon of arrowroot powder will thicken one cup of dishes liquid.  Home made fresh arrow root powder is readily available in stores 

Salt (ഉപ്പ്)(sodium) facts – uses – health benefits-medicinal values-home remedies 

Though not a spice, it is the most important seasoning in food. Humans require sodium to keep the rhythm of the heart steady. It helps in digestion, adds to taste, and gives strength to the bones. However, an ordinary person requires less than half a gram of salt per day, and this is easily available from even raw vegetables. The salt of vegetable is organic and alive and, therefore, superior.