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Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken – Is It Healthy To Eat Chicken ? Find Out

Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken

Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken

Chicken is the most loved non-vegetarian food for most of us! But the main question is: Is eating chicken healthy? This question often pops up in our mind majorly because it is one of the favorite food. And almost everybody tend to enjoy it on a daily basis and in many various forms. Be it fried, grilled or roasted. While for most of us, it may be a staple in their diet, some may just like to savor occasionally. But it sure has made its way to being one of the most favorite foods. Not only does it taste heavenly, but has plenty of health benefits to offer. It is known to be full of essential nutrients that your body requires, some of which may include proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

Chicken is a great source of protein, vitamins B, A, D and minerals like phosphorus and iron. One can eat chicken on a daily basis; however, it is ideal to use cooking methods like boiling, grilling, roasting or baking rather than frying as it can lead to various health problems. People with kidney problems, chronic heart disease and dyslipidemia should avoid its intake.

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Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken

Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken – Nutritional Value

Per 100 gram edible portion – Chicken breast skinless

Calories – 168 K cal

Protein – 21.8 gm

Fats – 9 gm

Read further to find out the Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken

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Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken

5 Health Benefits Of Eating Chicken

1.Protein Rich

Protein plays an important role in our diet. It is made of amino acids that are building blocks of our muscles. Chicken is known to be one of the best sources of proteins that are also responsible for the building and maintenance of other structures in the body like cells and bones along with the breakdown of toxins. Chicken breast, with 31 grams of protein per 100 grams, is one of the best foods for protein. Furthermore, the recommended amount of daily protein is 1 gram per 1 kg of body weight or 0.4 g of protein per pound of body weight. Likewise, for athletes, the daily requirement of protein is about 0.6 g to 0.9 g per pound.

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2.Enhances Mood

Chicken is an excellent source of Vitamin D which helps in calcium absorption & bone strengthening. Vitamin A helps in building eyesight & minerals such as iron are helpful in hemoglobin formation, muscle activity, & eliminating anemia. Potassium and sodium are electrolytesphosphorus is helpful in tackling weakness, bone health, brain function, dental care, and metabolic issues. Chicken is an excellent source of an amino acid called tryptophan that gives you a sense of relief and comfort. Eating some of this delight may increase the serotonin levels in your brain, further enhancing your mood.

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3.Fights Cardiovascular Diseases

Chicken is an excellent source of selenium, an antioxidant that is thought to have positive effects on degenerative diseases including inflammatory diseases,cardiovascular and neurological problems. It is also known to fight cell-damaging free radicals.

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4.Regulates Cholesterol Levels

Chicken contains vitamin B3, also known as niacin, which is responsible for converting carbohydrates to energy and maintaining healthy body cells. It has also shown to reduce cholesterol levels and risk of heart diseases in those who have high cholesterol. The amount of saturated fat and cholesterol found in red meat such as beef, pork, and lamb are much higher than the levels found in chicken, fish, and vegetables. Therefore, it is advised consuming chicken or fish instead of red meat for a lowered risk of cholesterol and subsequent heart disease development. Consuming chicken or fish must be limited to normal levels, as excessive consumption can also lead to the development of heart disease.

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5.Improves Metabolism

The presence of vitamin B6 or pyridoxine helps in the metabolic process of carbohydrates and proteins. Without this vitamin, your nervous system, metabolism and immune system cannot function properly.

While chicken may be healthy, it is recommended to be cautious in choosing the right piece from the right source. It may cause food poisoning due to the presence of salmonella, bacteria that generally cause food-borne illnesses. Enjoy chicken that is baked, roasted or boiled but definitely not fried as it may only reverse its health benefits.

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